Today was Skip Day at our house. That means that everyone skipped what they were supposed to do.

Dad said the Pope gave him and Ben an “air show pass” so they could skip church today. Now, I know I’m “just a dog,” but I’m pretty sure the Pope has never, ever, thought of such a thing as an air show pass. And I’m also pretty sure that if he heard Dad say the Pope gave him one he would be in some pretty big trouble for lying on top of things.

As for Mom, she skipped her Iyengar yoga class today to catch up on some garden work. At least SHE didn’t say something silly like B.K.S. Iyengar gave her a garden pass.

So anyway, as you have no doubt deduced, Dad and Ben went off to the airshow and, you guessed it, left Mom here to work in the garden. Sarah and I, of course, stayed here to help Mom out since no one invited US to the air show.

Mom started the day with doing a lot of what she calls “puttering.” From what I can tell, puttering involves moving this stuff over there and that stuff over here. She also made an ENORMOUS dirty mess in the kitchen when she potted a bunch of orchids and other house plants because she doesn’t yet have a proper potting shed. Then, of course, she had to scrub down and disinfect the kitchen, which made everything smell like medicine.

By the way, about those orchid things. You know how she gets all excited about new projects and such. Orchids are her new project. She’s been reading all kinds of books, like Orchids for Dummies and Orchids for Whimps and bought some orchids from Logee’s Greenhouses. They arrived on Friday and I thought she was going to do a little jig she was so happy unwrapping them.

It’s really kinda sad that her she gets all on fire about these little projects instead of having something important to do. Perfect example: SHE TOOK PHOTOS OF HER NEW GARDEN CART! She was all proud that she had stocked it with all her favorite tools. She even hung a laminated copy of Mac’s “Good Bugs. Bad Bugs” to the handle for handy reference. I mean, really.

Cunning%20Garden%20Cart%202.jpgAs you can tell, organizing appears to be a favorite hobby of hers. Some people ski. Others bowl. Some people collect stamps. Mom organizes things.

The other day her friend Angela came to visit and remarked that she was surprised that given Mom’s love for organizing things that Mom hadn’t invested in one of those fancy garage organizing systems.

Oooooh. You should have seen Mom. I thought the top of her head would come off. I’m not sure what was going on inside her head, but I’m sure that she was saying some of those words she’s not supposed to be saying any more.

As for Dad and Ben, they arrived home tan and happy. Ben apparently knows a whole lot about airplane stuff and Dad said he was impressed. Mom rolled her eyes and made some snide remark about how she’d be more impressed if he knew how to conjugate some French verbs. As for me, I would be more impressed if he would feed me something other than the big food Mom gives me.

Before I go, I want to address an issue that has come up around here. Several people have called and written to ask why I am a guest blogger here on Bumblebee and Sarah is not. In fact, several loyal readers have suggested that they like my observations better than Mom’s.

That has not set well with Mom and I think she might be a wee bit jealous.

As for Sarah, I know that people say she’s sweet. Everyone talks about how pretty she is. As for me, I say she’s just this side of teachable.

Now Mom’s all mad at me for being mean to Sarah when her Bumblebee policy is to be positive whenever possible. But you get the point. Don’t be expecting Sarah to write anything because SHE CAN’T WRITE.

Until next time,


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