This week is all about cucum­bers. How about this Armen­ian Yard­long Cucum­ber? Yes, it is sup­posed to be this light yel­low, almost white color. And this one is well on its way to being a yard long.

Unfor­tu­nately, my first Armen­ian Yard­long Cucum­ber was bitter.

Here’s a great way to enjoy the fla­vor of your gar­den fresh cucumbers–Asian Cucum­ber Salad. My favorite!


3 medium cucum­bers, peeled, de-seeded, sliced length­wise and in thin slices 1 table­spoon kosher salt 3 table­spoons rice wine vine­gar 3 table­spoons toasted sesame oil 1/2 tea­spoon sugar 1/4 tea­spoon hot red pep­per flakes 1 1/2 table­spoons sesame seeds, toasted in a skil­let until golden brown

Toss the cucum­bers with the kosher salt and place in a colan­der in the sink. Place an ice-filled bag on the cucum­bers to drain for 45 min­utes to an hour. Whisk all the remain­ing ingre­di­ents, except the sesame seeds, until blended and the sugar is dis­solved. Rinse the cucum­bers and dry with paper tow­els. Toss the cucum­bers and dress­ing. Top with sesame seeds and serve immediately.

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  • TC says:

    I’m so mad; our cukes got wilt dis­ease from an early infes­ta­tion of the dreaded cucum­ber beetle!

    Your’s look marvelous!

    (And don’t you just love your Felcos?)

  • Lacey says:

    Mmmm … this sounds so good! I can’t wait until my cucum­bers are ready so I can try it!

  • This sounds really yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  • GardenGuru says:

    Great post, I’ll have to try some. I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to plant­ing my own veg­gies though. My liri­ope ground­cover keeps me busy.

  • Margaret says:

    That is some cucum­ber! Thanks for sharing.

  • Robin,what a nice twist on cucum­ber salad. I’ll be try­ing it. Let us know how the next Armen­ian cuke tastes.~~Dee

  • Huh… that looks really deli­cious, Robin! My grand­mother always made a cucum­ber salad with vine­gar, sugar, and onions. Your Asian ver­sion would be a great mod­ern alternative.

  • Brenda Kula says:

    I have always savored a good cucum­ber, cool from the fridge, but they don’t always like me. (Acid reflux; need I say more?) I need to start some veg­gies for fall. It’s too hot for most every­thing in East Texas right now. Scorch­ing and no rain in sight. If you hap­pen to hear from some, please send it this way, will ya?

  • eliz says:

    I am seri­ously tempted, though, of course, I have no home­grown cucum­bers. I’ll find some­one else’s.

  • Gail says:

    I had a home­grown cuke that totally sur­prised me…it was round. Appar­ently an Heir­loom Lemon Yel­low and delicious.…but I didn’t grow it…the Amish farm­ers did. The recipe looks delicious!

  • Ann says:

    Has any­one preserved/canned cucum­bers either whole or sliced to be used for cucum­ber salad later? or even the picked cucum­ber salad com­pleted would be good too. We have canned a ton of pick­les already and would like to have some cucum­ber salad in win­ter. I’m think­ing of just try­ing it and see how it turns out.

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