Bzzzz May 7th, 2012

We have been on a planting orgy around here. Not only is this the time of year when most of the vegetable seeds and seedlings go into the potager, we have also embarked on a major campaign to add more shrubs—particularly flowering shrubs—to the property.

Sophie and Sarah inspect the vegetable plantings in the potager.

Thank goodness Harry is a good sport and has a strong back and good endurance. The hardpan clay soil we have here in Southern Maryland makes digging new beds and planting trees and shrubs a major weekend endeavor.

The wisteria on the fence is getting there. The peonies won’t be far behind.

And I’m so tired, that’s it. The end.

(If you click on the photos you can embiggen them and see more details.)


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Bzzzz December 19th, 2009

That’s right. Bring it on, baby.

snow in front

I have a month’s worth of groceries, a snow shovel and plenty of work and projects to keep me busy.  It’s a good thing too because we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  Do you see our driveway? No, I don’t either.

What I thought was eight inches of snow is probably more like 12 or 14. And it’s still coming down. I just returned from a little mercy mission to clear the bird feeders and sprinkle around some whole peanuts and black oil sunflower seed. The birds practically landed on my shoulders they were so happy to see me.

snow in back 12.19

The chickens are just fine in their insulated and heated coop. But they were confused when I opened their window to the world and there were no colors out there—just white. I figure they’ll get tired of looking out in a while and I’ll go back and close the window.

For little dogs, Sarah and Sophie adore the snow. They hop around like bunnies—well, at least until they get bogged down.  So this morning’s exercise was some aerobic snow shoveling for a small potty path.

The East Coast is getting pounded. If you’re in our part of the world I hope you’re safe, warm and have plenty of interesting things to keep you busy today.

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