I thought I had sworn off the 8 random things meme, but when Val at the very beautiful Illustrated Garden tagged me, I thought it might be fun to do one more–and illustrate it like Val. Well, not exactly like Val. Val can draw. I cannot draw.

My illustrations usually lean toward the lopsided stick figures. But I put some effort into this one. I even purchased some of those nifty watercolor colored pencils that you can just color with, add water and–Voila!–instant watercolor.

Still, you can laugh all you want at my silly drawings. I actually had fun with this one! The hardest part was thinking of eight things that I might actually be able to draw! So here goes…

My-Family-Web.jpg1) I am very tall — 5’10 in stocking feet, although I usually wear some heels. The only time I am short is when I am with my family. My husband is 6’3 and my son was 6’4 last time we checked. I feel tiny when we have our family hugs.

Robin-Drinking-Coffee.jpg2) I start my mornings by drinking my coffee while looking at the birds outside the big windows that frame the back of our home. Wintertime is more difficult since it’s still dark. On cold winter mornings I snuggle with my little dogs and drink coffee and wait for the birds to join the party.

Pulitzer-Books.jpg3) I am working my way through reading all the Pulitzer Prize winning fiction books. I just finished The Namesake and am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird. My son is amazed that I made it all the way through advanced English classes in high school and an English major in undergrad without reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

Magazine-Love.jpg4) I subscribe to LOTS of magazines. It’s an addiction that I really need to break. Some of them are Food and Wine, Architectural Digest, Backyard Poultry, Hobby Farm, Organic Gardening, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Audubon, American Gardener, Garden Design, Cottage Living and Horticulture.

Bugs-Love-Me.jpg5) Bugs love me. If there is a stinging or biting bug within five miles, he homes in and has his way with me. Once, my friend Rebecca and I were vacationing in Savannah at a hotel on the river. We went to the pool in the evening. The mosquitoes were so thick we had to hide in the water, keeping just our faces above the waterline so we could breathe. When we got back to the hotel room, my face was covered with red welts. Rebecca had NO mosquito bites.

James-Bond.jpg6) I once ended up alone in the ladies room with Roger Moore, yes, James Bond. It was during the filming of an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” at a horse track in California. I was filmed with him when he presented a trophy to the fellow I was dating at the time. Later, he stumbled into the ladies room while I was washing my hands. He had, errr, a wee bit to drink. He was wearing a tuxedo and top hat. He very charming–and handsome. I have never enjoyed a trip to the potty more.

Doris-Day.jpg7) Years ago, I was on television twice with Doris Day for her show “Doris Day’s Best Friends.” She was interviewing me about the importance of spaying and neutering pets and adopting pets from local animal shelters. She was very gracious and beautiful and treated me very kindly. Somewhere I have a photo of us together…must find that.

Ten-Thousand-Steps.jpg8) I wear a pedometer all day and aim for at least 10,000 steps. It’s interesting how much exercise–or how little–you get during a day just doing regular activities. Of course, all steps are not created equally, so I also hit the gym several times a week to help fight gravity, if you know what I mean.

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I count that I have now contributed 30 random things about me. Since I have no plans to delve into the world of random things about me performance art or random things videos, I now retire from the random things postings. It’s been fun, but really, I have to keep some random things to myself!

Now, so that I don’t have to tag you (and you know who you are), why not just post a few things about yourself in the comments section here, ya hear?

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  • cloverann says:

    Robin – Your illustrations (far better than mere drawings) were great! They made me laugh anyway..and wish I had fancy pencils!!

  • Angelovely says:

    Hey…why does Roger Moore look like Abraham Lincoln?

    Love ya!


  • Robin says:

    Hi Cloverann, you’re very kind. They ARE cool pencils. I might try my hand at something else!

    Angela – I was hoping only I noticed the strange resemblance between Roger Moore and Abraham Lincoln. Alas, this is a result of my lack of artistic talent. Sorry Roger.

    –Robin (Bumblebee)

  • Carol says:

    Good job on the drawings, I enjoyed your last 8 random things. And To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books. After you read it, watch the movie with Gregory Peck. (Then read the Dear Friend and Gardener for the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club!)

  • I love your meme… Your drawings are just zany enough to be absolutely perfect for stories about Roger Moore in the ladies’ room. Also, I am very envious of your impressively long list of magazine subscriptions. Thanks for a very entertaining trip down Bumblebee Lane!

  • Hi Carol – I agree with you about _To Kill a Mockingbird._ Fabulous book. I saw the movie years ago but will definitely need to see it again.

    Val – Zany? Well, that’s just fine! Thanks so much. Y’all heard it here first. My drawings are "zany."

    –Robin (Bumblebee)

  • LOL – this is the funniest 8 Random Things meme I’ve read because of your illustrations! Thanks!

  • Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I hate that your drawings aren’t showing up when I look at your post. Phooey. I loved reading about you. I hadn’t read the previous posts since I just started reading blogs not tooo long ago.

    You are tall. I can imagine how you feel when you stand with your family. I am even shorter and my daughter 5’a10") and son (6’4") really make me feel like mini mom.

  • Layanee says:

    Robin: You live an interesting life but tall? That’s not that tall! I am 5′ 12" in my stocking feet, don’t like it all that much but am getting used to it! LOL I am also the ‘shrimp’ of my family! Love your cartoons and you have met quite a few ‘stars’! LOL again!

  • RuthieJ says:

    Hi Robin,
    This was such a fun post. I love your drawings! I can just picture you at your desk with all those colored pencils spread around while you’re creating those little masterpieces, and Sophie and Sarah are lounging nearby, sighing and wondering why you aren’t paying any attention to them!

  • Hi Mr. M.’s Daughter – Aw shucks. Thanks.

    Lisa – Here’s what SquareSpace had to say about your seeing the photos:

    <<I’d recommend the user clear their browser cache — from Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files — then select "Delete All Offline Content", and click OK. If you’re using Firefox, this option is in Tools > Clear Private Data and select "Cache".>>

    Layanee – Let’s form a club of tall girls. You can be president cause you’re tallest. Sometime I’ll have to tell about the other "stars" I’ve met. I’m kicking myself for not including a drawing of Richard Simmons rubbing my very pregnant tummy.

    Hey Ruthie — I don’t ever sit at my desk unless I absolutely have to. I lounge around on the chaise in the sunshine. Both little dogs nestle around me and we are all very very happy.

    –Robin (Bumblebee)

  • Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Hi Robin, I am looking at your blog from work. I can see the drawings just fine on this computer. I will try what you wrote to see if they will appear on my computer. Cute drawings by the way.