After the rains that devastated my New Dawn roses, I had nearly given up hope of finding a solution.

But I bought my husband some brand spankin’ new post hole diggers as a Memorial Day gift–I am nothing if not considerate–and he put them to good use.

He managed to ease the roses out of the offending and broken down trellises. He then dug some impressive holes. I installed lag eye hooks and wire to support the dangerously thorned branches.


They don’t look so bountiful right now because I had to do a wee bit of pruning. Okay, it was a mambo pruning session.

I maybe got carried away in making up for neglecting to give these bountiful roses their proper prunings for a while. These are the remains of a single New Dawn pruning. (Please note by the orange paint on the grass that I called Miss Utility to mark where the power and other wires are located. I’m not ready for a new husband.)


Frankly, nothing short of a natural disaster could kill these roses. In fact, as I was paging through Barbara Damrosch’s newly revised Garden Primer the other day I happened to read her section on climbing roses in which she called the New Dawn “indestructible.” Indeed.

I am so buoyed by my husband’s skills with the post hole diggers I am plotting numerous new projects–trellises, outdoor showers, grapes. Don’t tell him. He’s still recovering from his Memorial Day project.

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  • Lisa in CA says:

    Indestructible or not, they are lovely. Great hubby gift, too, LOL. That gets me thinking…

  • zvrk says:

    You DO love your husband,lol. What a great present!

  • Diana says:

    I think that sounds like great absolution for the lawn mauling! The roses look great – what a smart idea. I once had a rose that grew 15 feet up into some trees and was happy as could be. They have a mind of their own, don’t they?

  • Gail says:

    Great solution to the Rose dilemma and what a great husband!

    They must be indestructible as I haven’t killed mine…the rose not the husband!


  • Nancy Bond says:

    Looks like a perfect solution!

  • Mary says:

    Post hole diggers are worth their weight in gold and a very thoughtful gift, I might add. Ranks up there with my combo Birthday/Anniversary gift of a new hose bib and laundry sink! I was thrilled.

    I have trouble with roses – there’s one bush that needs some help.

    Has your husband begun the next post-hole digging project?

  • Curtis says:

    Love the idea and the posts should last alot longer, + looks great.

  • Christine says:

    Jeff just broke our post hole digger, hum, what a great idea for a gift. Tell me you saved me some of those cuttings!

    Oh, yes, just haven’t gotten around to sending them. I will though…

    Robin at Bumblebee