Harry was hard at work today with his post-hold diggers. Pretty soon I’ll be able to share the results of all his work—the chicken run of the Palazzo di Pollo. Yes, that’s the name of their new chicken house, thanks to the brainstorming of my Plurking friends. Credit for the final name goes to Mr. McGregor’s Daughter Leslie at Growing a Garden in Davis.

My sister-in-law jumped in and even made us an official Palazzo di Pollo logo! I believe I may have to open my own Cafe Press store so I can sell t-shirts and other fun Palazzo di Pollo goods. What do you think? Don’t you need a Palazzo di Pollo apron? A Palazzo di Pollo ballcap?

Just to test the marketability of our chickens, we did a brief (VERY brief) photo shoot this afternoon to see how well they work as models. Maxine did fairly well. I, however, probably could use some work.

I only look a little tentative because we had to catch Maxine not once, but twice in order to get a photo without shadows. Let’s just say she was not amused.

And so, there we have it for today’s chicken story installment.

Next up: wild blueberry muffins (and not a word about chickens, I promise.)

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter at BumblebeeGarden. Chicken stories all day long!

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  • eliz says:

    Very sexy!

    Uh, you find chicken sexy?


  • Margaret says:

    Martha Stewart (for whom I used to work for many years) named hers the Palais du Poulet. Love your logo.

    Oh, yes! I’m familiar with Martha’s Palais du Poulet. But I couldn’t exactly copy her. I’m no Martha…


  • Love the name you finally decided on, and oh, yes, you must open up a Cafe Press store. At the very least, we could all use a mug to drink breakfast coffee with our eggs.

    Okay, a store it is! I’ll make a million dollars selling egg stuff!


  • You look stunning! I’m not going to post any photos of myself on my blog until I’m as tall, blonde, young and gorgeous as you. Wait…that means never, right?

    PS. Nice name…and I got have of it right…the pollo.

    Hi MSS –
    Thanks for the nice note. You are a natural beauty…


  • No, I wish I could claim the credit, but it was Leslie of Growing a Garden in Davis who came up with that. She’s been practicing her Italian. Love the pic!

    Oops – my bad. Thanks for letting me know.


  • That’s a great name–and a wonderful picture! I’m with MSS, I’m not about to post any photos of myself on my blog until I’m as blond and beautiful as you. 🙂

    Thanks for your note Kim. I’m blushing…


  • admin says:

    Y’all are totally cracking me up about the photo. I have one magic word for you…Photoshop!


  • Leslie Kuss says:

    It’s true…I am the one who’s been practicing Italian…but my feelings aren’t too hurt…!

    Oh, Leslie! I’m sorry. I can only say my mind was on holiday…


  • Sheila says:

    You are both quite lovely!

    I think Maxine looks younger than I do. Don’t you?


  • Diana says:

    You are a brave woman — first you start raising chickens, then you start modeling with them and holding them. You and Maxine make quite the team. And I love the new name and the LOGO. What a hoot! You DO need to start a Cafepress shop — I’ll bet there are a lot of Spring Flingers our there who’d love to get some of those goodies.

    Hi Diana – Actually, the chickens are very tame. But poor Max was stretched to her limits of patience with the photo shoot. She was anxious to join her friends in bug hunting.

    I’m going to check out the Cafe Press store idea.


  • Layanee says:

    That is a gorgeous photo of you both! Love that name!

    Hi Layanee!

    Thank you! Did you hear Leslie came up with the name? Thanks again, Leslie!


  • MA says:

    Max looks a little, um, fluffy. You look golden and lovely. Love Palazzo!

    Hi Mary Ann,

    How on earth are you finding time to visit blogs when you’re at GWA? Do you sleep?


  • Lisa at Greenbow says:

    A perfect name for chickens that will no doubt be living in a palace. What a beatiful chic, I mean chicken.

    Funny, Lisa! Wait till you see their house! Whoohoo!


  • Haley says:

    What a sweet photo, I think I may have been a bit tentative to. Can’t wait to see the new chicken castle.

    Hi Haley,

    Thanks for visiting. I think I need more chickens…Just a few, I think.


  • Bonnie says:

    I love the name and the logo just makes it so official.

  • TC says:

    I can’t pronounce the name of the new chicken house, and need an interpreter, but I know an over easy egg when I see one. Don’t you think the ladies (i.e., chickens) might be upset if they were to catch a glimpse of that? ;~)

  • Gail says:

    Robin, You have brought class to the chicken world!


  • Kate says:

    Love the name! And yes, you have brought a touch of class to the world of poultry! You look great, too!

  • I’ve always wanted chickens and an Eglu. Such a great design. So, I’ve lost track – how many birds are you fitting in there?

    I’ll also echo the others – beautiful pic!

  • What a great photo! The sexy, wind-blown look.. the wistful look in the eyes…the “come hither” smile…

    Oh and Robin, you look good too.