Here it is the end of October and the garden is still pushing out things we can eat—red peppers, Swiss chard, lettuce, lots of herbs. I just harvested the last of the lima beans. I also have a beautiful and abundance lemon grass plant, so am seeking recipes that use more than just one stalk.

The garden is still a lovely place to visit. I believe that my habit of mixing vegetables, herbs and flowers contributes to the garden looking rather nice even now since there aren’t large bare patches where summer vegetables have been ripped out. Also, we haven’t yet had a killing frost, so there are flowers blooming on the ice plant, Miss Huff lantana, cock’s comb and cat mint, among others.

I have planted broccoli, but decided to forego the collards and Brussels sprouts this year, since I am the only one here who really eats them. In my enthusiasm for winter productivity I managed to buy 2.5 pounds of different types of garlic from Seeds of Change. They all got into the ground today, so I’m patting myself on the back for completing that big chore.

Last week I planted more spinach and lettuce in a coldframe and am keeping my fingers crossed that we can get a good enough harvest in the winter to avoid buying a few of those fancy salad greens my husband favors at $4 a bag. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that the whole coldframe doesn’t sail away with a good gust of wind. I have it anchored on all sides, of course, but I can’t help envisioning the worst—coldframe flying away in the dark of night and leaving my baby greens exposed to the elements.

I am interested in hearing your fall and winter strategies for keeping the garden going. Any ideas you can share?

Keep warm!

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  • Sheila says:

    Your garden is beautiful! I too mix in vegetables, herbs and flowers, but since we do not get frost, the garden just goes all year long with only a change from warm season to cool season vegetables and flowers.

  • Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Your garden is indeed beautiful Robin. You and your garden is an inspiration to those of us that don’t grow many edibles.

  • Beautiful garden….I also am looking for ways to extend my fall growing season. I’m planning on wrapping my entire garden structure with 4 mil plastic sheeting, and creating one big cold frame of sorts. I know that sounds funny, but you have to see my garden to understand. I will wrap it tomorrow evening, before the freezing temps begin. Nice blog!


  • deb says:

    Hope you cold frame stays put. A few years ago my 10×20′ greenhouse blew out of the back yard, over the fence, and into the street. Nice. Husband knows to tie it down now.

  • gail says:

    Robin, Your garden is lovely. ..Looking at your garden, I agree that mixing the garden with herbs, vegies and flowers does keep it looking good. We are getting a freeze soon…I guess it will move eastward after that…. Gail

  • meems says:

    Robin, Your garden is most beautiful. I do hope your cold frame works and doesn’t fly off in the middle of the night. I have a fall vegetable garden but shouldn’t have any problems down here in Florida with temps getting too low. I’m hoping my fall veggies are much less stressed than my spring garden ended up being.
    meems, hoe and shovel

  • Jen says:

    What a great idea to extend your season with a cold frame. Do you have that book by Eliot Coleman, Four Season Growing? Lots of tips in there. Your combos are so pretty!

  • Someday, when the kids don’t need the front lawn for play, I’d like to interplant veggies with ornamentals as you have done. Your garden is so beautiful. I wish I had some ideas for continuing the gardening season, but the only one I know is the microclimate against the south or east side of the house.

  • The way I extend my gardening season is a bit extreme. I dug up a bunch of greens and some baby carrots, planted them in plastic shoe boxes and drove them all 1200 miles south! So far they look pretty good 😉

  • I always mean to keep extending my growing season, but… I’m usually out of energy by this time of the year, I admit. I do put up a lot of stuff from the garden to get me through the boring winter of grocery store food, though–does that count? When I’m eating dried cherries and homemade cherry jam, I’ll be in heaven.

    The garden is still looking good, Robin! I’m a bit jealous… 🙂

  • Diana says:

    What a beautiful garden you have, Robin. I wish I had enough room to intermingle, but my veggie patch is full and limited. But now I can extend my season with the greenhouse. It went up today-whoo hoo! I’m planning on growing some veggies in pots in there, but I have to wait until it’s not 85 outside and thus 100 in the greenhouse during the day!

  • Bob Pool says:

    You might try cauliflower in the winter as I’ve had very good luck with every variety I’ve tried. Also carrots are good in winter and they seem to taste better when fall and winter grown.

  • Susy says:

    I so love your little garden. I especially love your cold frame/row cover. That’s a great idea.

  • bee hat says:

    cute garden. i wish i had a bigger one at my house. all i have is a few tomatoe plants and a couple fruit trees :/

  • Heath says:

    Your kitchen garden is beautiful!I’m working on the plans for my own and I must say that I’m inspired by your photos. What are the dimensions of your garden and also the dimensions of the raised beds? Heath