The weather guessers tell us that there’s yet another snowstorm headed our way. We’re preparing for 12 to 18 more inches of snow on top of what we already have still sitting around. Oh joy.

Snow is pretty. But it’s darned inconvenient. Even after the roads are plowed we are still stuck way back here until we can find someone to plow the road that is our driveway. And I don’t even want to talk about what happens when the power goes out. But let me just say this…Without power, we have no water.

red chair in snow

So, we do the best that we can.

The refrigerators are stocked. The wine cellar is full. We have batteries and blankets. If the power stays on we have plenty of entertainment too—books, projects, writing.

I sort of wish that I had one of those jobs that couldn’t be done from home so it could be a real holiday. Alas, my clients will still be expecting their stuff.

foo dogs in snow

What about you? Got snow?

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  • I like your foo dogs buried in the snow. We got snow this week, which was a good thing, as it had melted in places in the garden. I hope you don’t lose power. But then wouldn’t that be the real holiday you wished for?
    .-= Mr. McGregor’s Daughter´s last blog ..The Great Houseplant Census of 2010 =-.

  • Robin – I’m up to HERE with snow already – it has ruined many plans for me this month and cost me at least $500 in income and that is when I start to get really cranky. As for me that is a big chunk of a printing bill or mortgage payment 🙁

  • Alexandra says:

    We have a lot of snow this winter too/ Your red chair is smart. You can see nature!

  • Lynn says:

    As I am also in MD, I am getting the same snow as you right this very moment. I am about tired of it, too. When does summer start???

  • We don’t have snow where I garden, but it sure does look amazing. (I’m sure amazing goes away after a couple weeks… you probably want your garden back!)

  • Claire says:

    It never snows where I live, but the endless days of rain, rain, rain, rain are getting on my nerves. I’m trying to keep happy by looking at seed catalogs and pictures of dahlias.

  • Tangled Gardens says:

    I know it is hard to have endless snow when you are craving spring. I no longer live in that climate but February can surprise us. Yesterday 60 degrees!! But who knows in two weeks we could have an ice storm. Hope not. Many things are beginning to poke their tender heads out of the ground.

  • Jennah says:

    Yeah – I am SO OVER the snow. And as a cop, hubby has had to work in the thick of it the past two nights. I’m not looking forward to digging out tomorrow. We’ll see about work on Monday. Of course we’re got a catalog deadline to meet that was already pushed back when we all ran out on Friday. eek!
    .-= Jennah´s last blog ..The Great House Plant Census of 2010 =-.