If you open my refrigerator door, you will see lots of fresh vegetables, skim milk, a large jar of yeast—and about 10 dozen eggs.

See, my 12 hens have not taken the winter season for a holiday. They keep laying and laying and laying.

The weekly menu on our refrigerator reads something like this: red pepper quiche, goat cheese and spinach soufflé, broccoli quiche. Dessert is crème brûlée.

Now, I am finally doing something about all these eggs besides just eating them!

I ordered 250 egg cartons—in a bright pink that, it turns out, somewhat resembles the rather lurid color of Pepto Bismol. I applied for and received my egg distributor certificate from the State of Maryland. This week I’ll check in with the county health department about local regulations.

All of this so I can give the eggs away!

I only have 12 laying hens (only!), so it isn’t practical to think I can sell them. My plan is to identify church and community groups that can take about four or five dozen eggs off my hands each week.

So, you see, my hens and I have a joint volunteer project!

So that’s what you do with too much of a good thing!

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