Bzzzz June 22nd, 2010

About a month ago I shared a photo of my rustic mimosa tree trellis for the cucumbers. I fashioned the trellis from the trunks of mimosas from a few of the trees he had chopped down a couple of weeks before. I was hoping they would look just rustic once they were covered with the cucumber vines. I didn’t expect them to grow!

Unfortunately, they are. They are sprouting everywhere. They’re sunk about two feet into the soil and now covered with cucumber vines, so I’m not inclined to hoist them up mid-summer. But pulling them up is definitely on the to-do list for fall cleanup.

Trust me. Although mimosas are rather pretty trees with charming fan-shaped pink flowers, they are extremely invasive. We have a grove of them—and many more volunteers—to prove it.

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Bzzzz June 17th, 2010

You can’t pick up the newspaper or turn on the television without hearing more about the Gulf Coast oil disaster.

The wildlife population will be devastated for years, perhaps decades, to come. You can help with the conservation, monitoring and aid to the birds by donating to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This is the top school and science center for birds in the U.S. and sponsor of many, many programs, including citizen scientist-type programs. If you cannot afford to donate, it’s a great place to just be informed or to get involved through volunteer activities you can do in your own back yard.


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