Bzzzz August 1st, 2013

Look at the colorful characters I was hanging with at the La-Z-Boy booth at the Blogher13 conference last week in Chicago.  The La-Z-Boys!

Robin Ripley with La-Z-Boys

I believe the point was to showcase the contemporary and fresh new fabrics and designs of La-Z-Boy furniture. This is not your father’s La-Z-Boy.

The nice folks there are giving bloggers a chance to win $5,000 of their furniture. So here goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Ask and ye shall receive.

Please, La-Z-Boy, please send me this Arden chair. I’m still shopping for the rest of my $5,000 in furniture, so I will let you know. But I wanted you to get a heads up that this is the one I want first.



It’s not for me, of course. Sophie and Sarah asked for it. I’m selfless that way.

La-Z-Boy Chair with Papillons




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