Bzzzz October 19th, 2012

I used an online random number generator to pick the winner of the $50 Lowes gift card. The giveaway goes to Kelly, another mom of two Papillons, Betsy and Ella. Congratulations Kelly!

My brother actually won the first round.┬áBut his comment wasn’t even the kind of loving comment I told all my Facebook friends to leave. I even gave an example, in case he needed it. But no. What do I get instead?

“Roses are rose, violets are violet. Bacon.”

I am not cleaning up his punctuation. And I’m not sending him a gift card either. He deserves other types of gifts, like the straight jacket I sent him for Christmas one year. Or the horse head in the bed he actually sent me one year.

You can learn more about my brother by following the links on this post.

(Love you, bro.)


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