Bzzzz February 15th, 2010

Dear Carol,

I know that you host a monthly Bloom Day event there at May Dreams Gardens, where gardeners share their monthly in-bloom reports.  I usually don’t participate because of 1) inattention, 2) lack of blooms 3) fear of competition 4) nothing particularly interesting to say and 5) general busy-ness.

But after suffering through nearly 30 inches of snow here in Southern Maryland, I am most impressed with this bloom. Therefore, I will break with my years-long tradition and participate in Bloom Day.


Whoever started using “pansy” as a word to insult someone has never grown these wonderful little flowers. They are hearty, hopeful and a joy to see under two feet of snow. I have to say, “Hello, pansy!”

Your gardening friend,


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Bzzzz February 7th, 2010

There must be about two feet of snow on the ground. I just trudged outside to check on the chickens.  (They’re royally p*@@ed, by the way.) I also broadcast another 15 or so pounds of bird seed onto the snow in the back yard.  Can your ankles get frostbite in ten minutes?

I’m back inside and my heart has finally stopped pounding from the exertion. Now I’m going to go play with my houseplants and forced bulbs and sing this little ditty:  The snow won’t get me down…oh no…The snow can’t get me down.

'Lilac Wonder' in the kitchen window

Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ in the kitchen window

'Prinses Irene' tulips in the kitchen

Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’ tulips in the kitchen

'Prinses Irene' closeup

Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’ closeup

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