Bzzzz February 27th, 2010

Par­don me while I open the Depart­ment of Shame­less Pro­mo­tion. Did you know that Gro­cery Gar­den­ing is on not one…not two…but THREE Ama­zon best seller lists? The reviews (not all of them from my friends) have also been pos­i­tive. (My mother is so proud!)

If you don’t yet have a copy of this book I wrote with my gar­den­ing friends Jean Ann Van Krev­e­len, Amanda Thom­sen and Teresa O’Connor, here’s your chance to get one for FREE.

Leave me a com­ment to this post on or before Fri­day, March 5, and you’ll be entered into the draw­ing. When you leave your com­ment, please answer one of these questions:

- How, if at all, do you read other com­ments on blog posts? Do you read them before respond­ing? Never read them? Some­thing else?

- After com­ment­ing, do you sub­scribe to the follow-up com­ments on that post?

- Do you return to a blog post after com­ment­ing to see what other peo­ple have had to say?

Your responses will be most help­ful in help­ing me to deal with the com­ments all the very kind peo­ple leave here at Bum­ble­bee. I always read every com­ment and love them. I go through phases when I respond. Then I think “No one is look­ing at my responses” so I stop. But then I feel guilty and start respond­ing again. So, help me out, okay? It’ll give me more time for gro­cery gardening!

Got Gro­cery Gar­den­ing?


Dawn at Owl Hol­low News is the win­ner of the Gro­cery Gar­den­ing draw­ing. Con­grat­u­la­tions, Dawn!

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Bzzzz September 25th, 2009

It is a sea­son of changes.  Not only is the weather cool­ing, life is chang­ing here.

Ben­jamin, my only child (my baby!), has gone off to col­lege at The Citadel.  He is the third gen­er­a­tion on his dad’s side to attend col­lege there. When he grad­u­ates, he will wear “The Ring” with his dad, uncles, great uncles and cousins. He knew what to expect going there. He is well-prepared for the chal­lenge. And he seems to thrive on the manly cama­raderie of the place.

That still didn’t stop me from cry­ing for pretty much the first week while he was gone. The tears were drawn from a com­bi­na­tion of miss­ing him, wor­ry­ing about him and being dis­ori­ented by the new direc­tion of my life as an empty-nester.

sweet autumn clematis 1

Sweet autumn clema­tis blooms over the gar­den gate in September

I have stopped cry­ing now, but am still try­ing to nav­i­gate a life with a 50% reduc­tion in the num­ber of men I need to take care of on a daily basis.

In other changes, Harry has left pri­vate prac­tice and gone back to work for the gov­ern­ment. The book I was co-writing this sum­mer, Gro­cery Gar­den­ing, is finally off my desk. The six new baby chicks will be lay­ing in about another month–leaving us with 10 — 12 eggs a day to dis­pose of. And I have major new work and writ­ing assign­ments to keep me busy.

Oh, the garden?

garlic chives and pineapple sage 1

Gar­lic chives and pineap­ple sage duke it out in the herb bed

I can’t say this has been my most pro­duc­tive or metic­u­lous gar­den year. There were so many dis­trac­tions and chal­lenges that kept me out of the gar­den. Still, Mother Nature was for­giv­ing for just this year. The work from past years has paid off, as peren­ni­als con­tin­ued to bloom, flow­ers to re-seed and the over­all bones of the raised beds, fences and arbor to hold it all together. I don’t think I can con­tinue this type of neglect next year and still hold my head up as a gar­dener though.


The hakuro nashiki wil­low stan­dard needs a haircut–but then it ALWAYS seems to need a hair­cut. The tuteur is cov­ered with mal­abar spinach and scar­let run­ner beans.

Now, as weather cools and all these darned changes slow down just long enough for me to catch my breath, I am enjoy­ing being out in the gar­den, putting in fall veg­eta­bles and tidy­ing up for the win­ter to come.


I just broad­cast a mix of let­tuce seeds for this pretty lit­tle bed. What a treat to pick our sal­ads each night.

I’m actu­ally look­ing for­ward to win­ter now. I have a fancy new cold frame to put together this week­end. I’m set­ting up the light gar­den in the base­ment to grow micro­greens. Cook­ing projects, sewing projects, writ­ing projects and, of course, vis­its to The Citadel and Ben’s vis­its home are going to keep me busy.


That’s ama­ran­the lean­ing against the tuteur where the hen­ryi clema­tis grows.

Over­all, I’m still liv­ing the good life. It’s a life of tran­si­tions, but it’s a good life.

(You can click on an image for a larger ver­sion of the photo.)

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