Bzzzz June 19th, 2008

I was so amused at the comments about big 1980s big hair on my story about the abundant flower border

that I thought I would treat you to a laugh in lieu of flower photos today.

In 1983, I somehow got the notion that a big mop of curly hair would be attractive on me. It took a vast quantity of chemicals to make my fine, straight hair do this:



I look like my hair is on fire. As I recall, it took me nearly an hour to get ready in the morning, what with all the products and blow drying and all. And my biggest fear was wind. My afro did not do well in wind.

Still, I suppose it is better than when I was 11 years old:



This may come as a surprise to you, but I was not the most popular girl in my class.

That’s my baby brother Dale on the left. He’s a big boy now. My mom had her own fashion issues, what with the fake hair and polyester dress. My dad looked fetching in his shiny double breasted suit, pink shirt and yellow tie though, don’t you think? That’s my brother Chris in the back on the right. He’s a nice guy, but has fashion issues of his own. And we all have that crazy-eyed stare. What was that about?

So what about you? I have bared all. Where are your ’80s big hair photos? Let me know if you post so I can share them with the world. I give you until July 15–if you dare.

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Bzzzz December 29th, 2007

Perhaps you want to know what I gave my brother for our annual Christmas gift exchange?

My gift of a straight jacket for my crazy brother may not be as gross as his poo gifts, but I think it’s appropriate. He has a high stress computer job and also tends to be a bit, well, eccentric, if not outright crazy sometimes. What better gift than a straight jacket?


My card suggested this new straight jacket would be great for the days when he needs a jacket at work.

By the way, that’s his handsome son, Blake, in the background. He has another (a twin) named Hunter. (Actually, that looks like Hunter to me now. Pick one.)

I hope you had a great holiday. I have been at the Isle of Palms off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. We were blessed with unseasonably warm weather, so I walked on the beach about two hours each day.

I ‘ve been working on New Year goals. I am not one of those who poopoos the idea of goal setting (like my poopoo brother). In fact I find this such an invigorating time of year. I’ll be sharing my goal setting strategy shortly. Whoohoo!

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