Bzzzz December 29th, 2007

Per­haps you want to know what I gave my brother for our annual Christ­mas gift exchange?

My gift of a straight jacket for my crazy brother may not be as gross as his poo gifts, but I think it’s appro­pri­ate. He has a high stress com­puter job and also tends to be a bit, well, eccen­tric, if not out­right crazy some­times. What bet­ter gift than a straight jacket?


My card sug­gested this new straight jacket would be great for the days when he needs a jacket at work.

By the way, that’s his hand­some son, Blake, in the back­ground. He has another (a twin) named Hunter. (Actu­ally, that looks like Hunter to me now. Pick one.)

I hope you had a great hol­i­day. I have been at the Isle of Palms off the coast of Charleston, South Car­olina. We were blessed with unsea­son­ably warm weather, so I walked on the beach about two hours each day.

I ‘ve been work­ing on New Year goals. I am not one of those who poopoos the idea of goal set­ting (like my poopoo brother). In fact I find this such an invig­o­rat­ing time of year. I’ll be shar­ing my goal set­ting strat­egy shortly. Whoohoo!

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Bzzzz December 20th, 2007

Since I believe my brother Dale has a poo fetish, I should have seen it coming.

I posted a while back about the crazy Christ­mas gifts my lit­tle brother, Dale, and I exchange. Each year we take an extra­or­di­nary amount of time schem­ing think­ing of the most iinsult­ing con­sid­er­ate and gross thought­ful gifts we can present to each other.

Well, with the oncom­ing rush of rel­a­tives, ourl lit­tle fam­ily of three had our own pri­vate Christ­mas din­ner a gift exchange this past week­end. Of course, I opened my bro’s gift with con­sid­er­able dread anticipation.

As I said, I should have seen it com­ing. I mean, in the past Dale has sent me such things as links to some blog where a fel­low was post­ing a daily photo of, yes, his, well, poo and pho­tos of lux­ury toi­lets. And just this past Thanks­giv­ing he hap­pily gave me the “Monthly Poo” calendar–a beau­ti­fully pro­duced cal­en­dar of dog poo in var­i­ous stages of decom­po­si­tion and posed in beau­ti­ful, scenic locations.

Well, as you can prob­a­bly guess by now, this year’s gift had a poo theme. Here were the gifts, all beau­ti­fully packaged.

First, there was the rein­deer pooper.


This was actu­ally sorta cute. The lit­tle rein­deer dis­penses tan and brown jelly­beans. I will be sure to use it next time the gar­den club ladies come calling.

There was also a can of Poop Freeze. This actu­ally seems to have a prac­ti­cal pur­pose. Appar­ently you just “frost and toss.” The spray freezes the offend­ing poop to –62 degrees F. The can label is very encour­ag­ing: “Poop Happens–Just Freeze It!” and “Because It’s Your Dootie!”


I par­tic­u­larly liked the Nope, It’s Soap poo soap. It would be too too pred­i­ca­ble to use it when Dale and his lovely wife come to visit. I’ll have to store this for just the right occasion–like when the gar­den club ladies come calling.


There was also the highly edu­ca­tional book, What’s Your Poo Telling You? I won’t go into all the details because I don’t want to ruin it for you when you go out to get your very own copy. But I will tell you the names of some of the chap­ter titles: “Floaters vs. Sinkers,” “Num­ber Three,” “Soft Serve,” “Peb­ble Poo” and, my favorite, “The-Honeymoon’s-Over Poo.”


Finally, he found this lovely let­ter writ­ing paper made from recy­cled ele­phant poo. Well, you just know what I’m using to write the thank you note for THIS gift, right? The gar­den club ladies!!!


I like to think that my gift to Dale was a bit more intel­lec­tual. Sadly, I can’t share WHAT that is right now because I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. But I am hop­ing that my sister-in-law will be sure and take a nice pic­ture of Dale with the gift.

I’ll be sure to share.

Happy hol­i­days!

–Robin (Bum­ble­bee)


I have a brand new Bum­ble­bee Blog design that I’ll be launch­ing some­time in Jan­u­ary (fin­gers crossed). In the meanime, this is a tem­po­rary new design that I couldn’t resist. It’s a new tem­plate from Square­Space. Do you like it?

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