Bzzzz November 14th, 2007

I will admit that the pan­sies aren’t in their finest form.

But I do take excep­tion to the fact that Miss P took it upon her­self to re-purpose one of my shabby pansy planters. After all, a flower is still a flower, no? And a flower with a cat sit­ting on it is noth­ing more than a squished flower.

But Miss P has taken more than one lib­erty since we wooed her into switch­ing homes from under a kudzu-covered bush and into our home. I sup­pose she fig­ures that since we tol­er­ate her slovenly groom­ing habits, her pref­er­ence for warm and furry food, how she can get away with occa­sion­ally whomp­ing up on an unsus­pect­ing dog and how she can rouse us at 4 a.m. on the cold­est of morn­ings to open the back door so she can enjoy the early morn­ing air, she can get away with anything.

But really, my pansies?


Per­haps it’s time to think about re-planting these con­tain­ers or putting them away for the win­ter any­way. The prob­lem with re-planting is that the options are fairly lim­ited when the tem­per­a­tures out­side dip below freezing.

Let’s see…what are my choices?


Hele­bores in November

I have had very good suc­cess with helle­bores. It took a cou­ple of years for them to get estab­lished, but they are now grow­ing nicely on the shaded north side of the house. They are green all win­ter long and bloom dark pink to pur­ple flow­ers start­ing in Feb­ru­ary. But given that they take time to get estab­lished and these are rather shal­low con­tain­ers that perch on my deck rails, I doubt that they would be suitable.

I could plant with some Eng­lish ivy. That seems a bit dull and one dimen­sional though.

I know!!! I could go the route of some cre­ative, color-loving souls and plant faux flowers!!!

(Hah. Just kidding.)

If you have any great ideas for me, please let me know.


Oh, yes. I man­aged to coax Miss P out of the pansy planter. Much bet­ter, don’t you think?

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Bzzzz November 11th, 2007

I very much love send­ing my impos­ing 10 pound Papil­lons to chase the deer away from our yard and garden.

Who knew that a lit­tle ball of fur could be so scary? Remem­ber see­ing Sarah ter­rify the deer and send­ing them scurrying?

Well, I am sad to report that the deer just might be catch­ing on that my Papil­lons have their lim­its. We had a bit of a Mex­i­can stand­off this morn­ing. Since the grass was wet, Sophie and Sarah were loathe to wade in to eat the deer.


The deer, sens­ing the hes­i­ta­tion, took advan­tage of the sit­u­a­tion and stared back at the Papillons.

More star­ing ensued…

Until Sarah worked up her courage to wade into the high, wet grass.


The deer, finally leaped out of sight.


No more deer.

Good job, babies.

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