Bzzzz June 6th, 2011

Some­times when I look at pho­tos of my gar­den I think, “Hey, that looks pretty good.” This isn’t one of those times.

I don’t know why, but it seems that for all the work I’ve been putting in, the flow­ers just aren’t coop­er­at­ing. Things don’t look as full as I want. The grass isn’t green and lush. I’m dis­sat­is­fied. It’s just not…enough!

Per­haps it’s because all of these pho­tos were taken around June 1. This is the sec­ond month of this year’s mark­ing time in the gar­den with a monthly overview shot of the potager. May’s pho­tos are here. Maybe things will get bet­ter. But the point of doc­u­ment­ing is to show warts and all. So here goes…

Potager on June 3

The naked spot in the potager is where the ‘Speck­led Trout’ let­tuce was just pulled up. I found that it bolted more quickly than the other let­tuces. The rest of the let­tuce is still doing well—‘Red Sails’ and the heat­wave blend from Cook’s Garden.

Next to the mimosa tree limb trel­lis I’m giv­ing some yel­low pear toma­toes a shot, despite the past fusar­ium wilt prob­lems in the potager. They are sup­posed to be resis­tant and I haven’t grown them in this spot before. I’m fully pre­pared to yank them out if they look sick.

The herbs are healthy, although the cilantro insists on bolt­ing after about five min­utes of heat. I still need bed­ding plants for the bor­ders but haven’t been able to bring myself to choose from the measly offer­ings of annu­als at the gar­den cen­ter. *snore*

Herb bed June 3

We have been enjoy­ing the new, cleaner look of the tree line from the back patio. In fact, the tree guys have been out doing some more edge clear­ing so that we can now see the trees for the for­est. I’ll have before and after pho­tos at some point.

View from the back patio on June 3

There are a cou­ple of cute lit­tle details. The orna­men­tal oregano is a new plant for me this year. This one is Ori­g­anum rotun­di­folium ‘Kent Beauty’.

Orna­men­tal oregano — Ori­g­anum rotun­di­folium ‘Kent Beauty’

And, given how par­tial I am to chick­ens, I think the lit­tle chicken form cov­ered in hens and chick­ens is adorable.

A whole new mean­ing to hens and chickens

I will work on being less crit­i­cal, less per­snick­ety and just enjoy­ing the small bits of beauty.

P.S. You can click on the pho­tos to see a larger version.


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Bzzzz May 18th, 2011

There have been springs when we have been del­uged with rain. There have been years when I was already haul­ing hoses in May. But this year we’ve been for­tu­nate to have just the right amount of rain—not too much and not too lit­tle. I think the pur­ple stuff here likes it too. Maybe we have been hav­ing pur­ple rain.

The side fence wis­te­ria is bloom­ing, as are some of the peonies. (Why don’t I have more peonies?)

The bap­tisia I had to move from the front flower bed into the potager was threat­en­ing to die last year. I don’t think bap­tisia likes to be dis­turbed, but it has ral­lied and mak­ing a rather nice pur­ple show now.

The irises are bloom­ing, as are the fox­gloves. Every­thing that isn’t green is purple.

I still have so much spring work to do and seem to be for­ever behind. I still have con­tain­ers to fill and annu­als to plant. There is the truck­load of stone dust I need to buy and haul into the wood­land gar­den. And this is the year—I hope—that I will finally install some kind of edg­ing to sep­a­rate the bor­der beds from the paths in the potager.

For some rea­son mak­ing deci­sions about what to plant this year has been more dif­fi­cult. Part of the rea­son is that I just haven’t had much time because work has been keep­ing me run­ning. But I’m also weary of the same old, same old annu­als I see at the local nurs­ery. I am sick to death of petu­nias and marigolds and the like. It’s like get­ting up and wear­ing the same dress every sin­gle day. I need some­thing new and excit­ing to break through my annual ennui!

Per­haps some­thing purple.

(Click on the photo to see a larger version.)


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