Globe trotter that I am, I am writing from Colorado where I happened upon this amazing cloud forest tree at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

It’s not a real tree, but is actually a steel and foam construction. But it is absolutely smothered in epiphytes–orchids and other plants that grow on trees for support, not nutrients.

cloud tree.jpg

Cloud Forest Tree, Denver Botanic Gardens

The cloud forest tree is named for the trees that grow high in the mountains of Asia, Africa, Central and South America where the mountain mists and clouds descend and touch the tops of the tangles of forest.

I was taking refuge in the greenhouse from the crushing heat and had just reached the end of the main part of the structure when I walked into a separate enclosure. It was so surprising–and stunning–that I let out a little yelp, making the other tree-gawkers jump!

The gardens here in Denver were so beautiful and inviting, I was stunned that the cab drivers didn’t know where it was and that the people I spoke with at the hotel hadn’t visited. It makes me wonder how many people haven’t visited the gardens in their own cities.

Have you visited your own local botanical gardens? What do you find most extraordinary there? And will you share the URL if you can find it, please!

Your globe trotting correspondent,

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