Good grief. No sooner does she get home than she leaves again. Really, what is a girl to do? It’s enough to make a girl scream.


Yep, Mom is jetting her way to San Francisco first thing in the morning. She is in high stress mode trying to pack her office after spending the day dashing around the house and yard getting things organized. I was exhausted just from watching her!

Tonight, Ben asked that Mom make dinner early because he was hungry.

Bad move. Boy, oh boy, was she mad.

She was in warp stress trying to finish a report at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. Making dinner for him was not at the top of her list.

But really. She needs to get a life and her priorities straight. I personally believe that feeding me, Sarah and Ben (in that order) should come at the top of her fancy "to do" list. Who cares about all that stoopid computer stuff, right?

While Mom is gone, I have made myself my own "to do" list. Here it is:

–Eat big food
–Threaten Sarah if I even think she is going to take my big food
–Bark at something
–Bark at nothing
–Sleep, because I will be tired from barking
–Eat some more big food
–Hide some big food and dare Sarah to come and find it
–Sleep some more
–Bark at the big food
–Sleep on the big food
–Eat the big food

As you can see, I have a very full agenda when my mom is gone. She my be in San Francisco on business, but I have the really hard job here at home.


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