Behind our house and beyond the garden is a messy field that needs attention.

It’s about three-quarters of an acre that used to be in hay production until the farmer who tends the rest of our field decided that I should mow it instead of him farming it. (Thanks for that.)

My husband would love to see a huge swath of neatly mown green grass. I haven’t yet convinced him that traditional lawns should be a relic of the past. The chemicals that must be dumped on them to keep them as pristine as he likes are bad for the environment, as are the emissions of my riding lawn mower.

The other option is just to let is grow scraggly grass. As ugly as that is, it’s very good for the environment and as a habitat for the wildlife.


A more manicured idea is to make it a wildflower meadow. But those don’t just pop up from seed and look picturesque without some serious seeding and tilling.

If I’m going to go to all that trouble, why not make it my own field of dreams? A lavender field of dreams!


Have you ever been around lavender in bloom? The scent is intoxicating! Heavenly! I grew lavender for a couple of years as the border in my herb beds before I had to tear them out to install the raised beds. As the lavender bloomed, the bumblebees would be everywhere, working slowly and peacefully around the lavender blooms.

Before they faded altogether, I cut bunches of lavender to place around the house and lined my drawers with the blossoms. I even made a pound cake with lavender scented water and lined the baking pans with the lavender blooms.

Then, there’s lavender sugar, lavender lemonade, lavender ice cream…


Lavender farms seem to abound judging from a Google search. Most of the farms at the top of the Google listings seem to be small artisan enterprises that also produce their own products. Well, forget that. There’s no time.

I wonder if there’s a market for pick-your-own lavender farms? Nope. I don’t want all those people down here invading my privacy.

Let’s see…Maybe I can grow it for some large-scale producer? Probably not. They would want me to meet some quality control standards or obey other rules. I’m not good at rules.

Perhaps…nah. Not that either.


Maybe I’ll just make some lavender borders for now…And get a lavender colored chair so I can sit and watch the bumblebees at work. And those lavender fields will just have to remain my field of dreams. At least for now.

About those Survey Results…

Have you cast your vote for how you would spend the $10,000 Donald Trump is going to give you? It’s interesting that so many people are choosing hardscaping. And although I made my case for nice garden seating, as of this writing no one has chosen furniture!

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  • Nancy Bond says:

    Oh my, I love that lavender chair! There’s a lavender farm here in Nova Scotia ( if you care to check it out. I love the idea of a field of dreams…much nicer than having to mow it, too.

  • Frances says:

    I love the lavender chair idea also. A lavender hillside was attempted here, but there were losses each year and it is now going to be the black garden. But we still have lavender here and there, it is easily started by sticking a good piece in the ground mid winter. Just couldn’t pull off something that looked like your photos, but man are they a dream.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  • jodi says:

    Lavender is my cure for most everything, Robin. There are a couple of small lavender farms here in NS, and the scent IS intoxicatingly wonderful when all is in bloom. But what I like is that it’s not cloying–it’s a clean, fresh scent. I keep a bowl of lavender flowers beside my desk and run my fingers through them when I’m getting tired and need a pick me up. And lavender essential oil on the lights and in the car vents. And lavender soap…and and and…lavender tea is perfection in a cup, and I think I’ll brew some. Wanna share? Shall I pour?

  • Robin says:

    I planted lavender last year for the first time but they were small plants. I can’t wait until they get larger.

  • Diana says:

    Two out of my three lavenders have died, I’m sad to report. I do love them, though and the pictures were great — I’d come to your field of dreams, AND sit in the lavender chair.

  • deb says:

    Lavender is lovely, but it seems to hate it here in my garden. I make myself feel better with pretty salvia

  • joey says:

    My, my, my … I smell your post. Heavenly!

  • ewa says:

    Lavender…. one of my favourite plants – I add to my garden few more every year. Just love the view of them in the summer and the scents as well.
    It is also efficient as ant repellent 🙂

  • Sue says:

    I’ve failed miserably to grow lavender for the last two years. A pity, because I love it.

  • sky says:

    your photos are just lovely!

    i love our lavender, but need some advice from you about when to prune it and how far down i should cut it. i notice some dark gray, dead looking leaves in the center of the plants and wonder if i am not pruning them correctly? we have 4 in one sunny bed that are already covered in swaying stems and buds! their centers seem to be splayed out though, and i want to tighten up these plants and make them full and bushy again from the center bottom up. help, please! thanks.

  • Michele says:

    Your blog and photos are lovely. I have grown lavender for years even here in the hot and humid southeastern U.S. We use white gravel as a mulch which seems to help with any diseases that splashing water can inflict a plant with. It is time for us to give the plants their yearly haircuts and to cut out any damaged foliage from last year. Can’t wait to see all the swaying stems around Mother’s Day.

  • I’ve never grown lavender. I have too much shade. However, it’s beautiful and your photos are even more so. I had a chuckle at your lavender chair… if you can’t grow it (at least to your desire), you may as well sit in it! 😉

  • As an aside, I cast my vote for hardscape because that’s what I can’t do totally by myself.

  • Joy says:

    This would also be my field of dreams !
    I am going to try and grow more lavender in my front garden .. lots of sun .. good drainage .. but I wonder if people will try and pick the stalks ? LOL
    I’m giving it a whirl in any case .. I have a few in the back garden and I absolutely love them .. Hidcote and Munstead are pretty tough for my 5b zone. New cultivars are popping up all the time though .. so maybe more “tough as boots” coming soon !
    Great post !

  • Christine says:

    I have started a lot of lavender from seed this year to line my paths with. Maybe you could sell the lavender blooms at a farmers market near you. But I also think a big plot of wildflowers would be pretty. Wow, the possibilities!

  • Matron says:

    I just love the wonderful colour of that lavender chair! I can just imagine laying back and breathing in deeply. What a wonderful idea. The bees will love you for it – but you will probably want to get some honeybees to make lavender honey too!

  • Dawn says:

    What a delicious idea! It reminds me of the fields I saw in France years ago.

    I planted some lavender last year by my front door and it’s just coming up with real blooms that I can claim as my own this spring. It seems to enjoy this rocky Hill Country soil, thank goodness.

    Lavender is one of my favorite plants. I use it in an eye sachet to sooth myself when I cannot sleep and in my bath and as aroma therapy to lower my blood pressure. It really seems to work for me. Plus, it’s simply beautiful outside.

    Enjoy your Field — or Borders — of Dreams!

  • Kate says:

    Oh, how lovely! And what an appropriate heading for your post! I love naming posts, don’t you? If I close my eyes, I can smell it. And I can imagine sitting in that lavender adirondak chair . . .

    Oh, thank you.

    PS — Good luck with your acreage. I’m sure you’ll think of something!

  • Mary says:

    Robin, I enjoyed your comment today :o)

    You home and the lavender field is breathtaking! My home is only two years old and I’m still working on planting gardens. No lavender yet, but it’s on the top of my list.

    Your photos are stunning. In what area of Maryland do you live? I grew up in Baltimore City and lived in Anne Arundel Co. and Harford Co. until 2002. I loved Maryland.

  • I couldn’t tell where that smell of lavender was coming from but now I see it is from this post. Beautiful pictures. I’ve grown lavender before, and made little crafts from them, but for whatever reason, I have no lavender right now. I’ll have to “correct” that situation this year. There is also a new lavender farm not far from here, I must visit it this summer!

    Good luck with your “field of dreams”.

  • Jessica says:

    ah, words cannot describe my love for lavender! I literally dream of walking through a lavender field (my husband is not getting my “subtle” hints about creating our own lavender farm..ha). So, for now, I am babying my FOUR (!) lavender plants I planted last summer..ha:)

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