No sooner had I posted about the chang­ing sea­sons in my back­yard when we finally had the first snow of the season.

My feel­ing is that if it’s going to be unbear­ably cold, it might as well snow. So I was thrilled to finally have a snow day. Even at the age of *hum­mmm*, I can still enjoy an unsched­uled snow day.

Not every­one here was happy though.

The chick­ens were quite put out and protested by spend­ing the day indoors near their panel heaters. Once in a while one of the chick­ens would mosey up to their exit win­dow to poke his or her head out before try­ing to get back in. Of course, chick­ens being chick­ens, all the other chick­ens had fol­lowed the leader up the ramp to also go and look out the win­dow. All day long there were a series of col­li­sions with one chicken try­ing des­per­ately to get back into the the warm chicken coop and all the other chick­ens try­ing to see what was so inter­est­ing outside.

Snow always man­ages to stoke my cook­ing instincts as well. I get the urge to bake breads, make cakes and bake cook­ies. I used the threat of the pos­si­ble loss of power to roast a chicken and make bis­cuits early in the day. Then I made more bread–just in case we needed sand­wiches, you see.


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  • stargardener says:

    I so enjoy the pho­tos and the inspir­ing gourmet sim­plic­ity of your blog!

    Happy Snow Day! Nice addi­tion to the ‘chang­ing sea­sons’ series …

  • Good luck with the new writ­ing gig! On snow days, all my energy goes into shov­el­ing, but on cold days I find myself want­ing to bake. (Believe me, this is not the usual thing.) Your gar­den looks beau­ti­ful under its blan­ket of snow, which I’m sure makes a nice change for you.

  • Frances says:

    Hi Robin, con­grats on the new path for your tal­ents. That sounds like a good sub­ject for some­one who likes food, grow­ing it, cook­ing it and eat­ing it! I loved the photo used in Gar­den Rant of your gar­den for the White House farmer post by Susan.

  • Diana says:

    What a beau­ti­ful land­scape under the snow. And I am laugh­ing at the thought of your chick­ens bump­ing into one another all day. They just aren’t all that bright, are they? (Not yours, specif­i­cally, just chick­ens in gen­eral) Have fun with your new free­lance job — the only thing bet­ter than cook­ing food, well, cook­ing and eat­ing, well, cook­ing and eatin and grow­ing it — is writ­ing about it to entice oth­ers! Good luck.

  • Christy B says:

    Won­der­ful pic­tures! And your descrip­tion of your chick­ens was hilarious.

    Look for­ward to see­ing the menus and recipes!

  • Gail says:

    Robin that is excel­lent news…and I agree with you, if we are going to have mis­er­ably cold weather then we need the snow. Now where did Mother Nature put ours?


  • RuthieJ says:

    Your snow looks very pretty Robin.

  • Layanee says:

    Robin you inspire with all your dif­fer­ent and var­ied tal­ents and tasks. I love the chicken lore and will enjoy your food blog!

  • Tina says:

    what a change from the spring time photo to now..brrr.

  • Niki says:

    I’m enjoy­ing your blog very much. It’s so fun to find oth­ers out there that are doing the same as me!
    Thanks for the great posts.

  • Stephanie says:

    Your descrip­tion of the chick­ens brought about a smile and a chuckle. Very cool imagery.

    Look­ing for­ward to your recipes!

  • Gregory says:

    I love your writ­ing style. The arti­cles are com­pelling and fresh and the pic­tures are just fab­u­lous! Look for­wards to read­ing more sim­i­lar articles!!

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