I swear this is not a chicken blog and that I’m going to write something about gardening soon. But given that the weather has been too cold to do much of anything gardening-wise and the chickens are more interesting than dead-looking plants, this is what I have to work with.

Besides,I thought you would want to see this.

T. Boone, the critically injured chicken, is on the mend and being funny again. He still can’t make it onto the roost bar, so here is his new bed at night.


“You can’t see me! I have dis-ta-peered!”

By the way, if you’ve visited me before, perhaps you’ve noticed a few tweaks and changes. I have widened the copy area, which also allows for larger photos. For some of you, the font on the post may also have changed to something more readable.

Can you let me know how this looks to you, particularly if you have been here before and have a basis for comparison? Are there any issues or problems on your screen?

Also, the issues I have had with my links page have been resolved, so I will be updating all my gardening and food blog links. I would like to include brief descriptions. If you are already listed–or would like to be–and would like to give me a few words to describe your blog, please use my contact form to send me your preferred description.

Thanks to all for visiting!

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  • Nancy Bond says:

    The blog looks great, and good luck with the store. I’m so glad that T. Boone is making a good recovery. 🙂

    Thanks, Nancy. I figure if my husband loses his job, maybe we’ll need that $5.00/month I can make with an Amazon store! And yay for T. Boone!


  • I like the blog lay-out and think the “Chicken Butt” is hysterical. Love it!

  • On my computer, your T.Boone photo goes all the way across the screen on the right (covering up part of the text there.) It is nice having the larger photo, but it shouldn’t be covering your sidebar.

    Perhaps it is because I am looking at this on a Mac. I will log on with my PC and see if it looks better.

  • Ahhh! I did a refresh and now the photo is in the right place. It looks fine on the PC too. Guess, my computer just had to refresh the new look.

    All is well with the world….

  • Katie says:

    I like the new, wider look. Maybe because I love larger pictures?

    Glad to see T.Boone is doing better, even if he is one weird chicken!

  • cindee says:

    The blog works for me(-: No problems.
    T-Boone looks like he is happy hiding under the nests(-:
    I love chickens and I love seeing pictures of them(-:

  • Sylvia (England) says:

    Robin, I do like hearing about your chicken and I am glad T. Boone is on the mend. If our UK magazines are anything to go by, chicken are the latest must have garden accessory!

    I like your new design, the pictures are fine for me – I am using a Mac.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  • LOL, what a silly chicken! I’m glad he’s doing better.
    Like Sylvia, I also have a Mac & the changes look good.

  • Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I like the new look of your blog. I don’t have any negative issues. All seems to be working well. Good luck with your sales.

    I enjoy your chicken stories. Can’t get enough of them especially this time of year.

  • Rhonda says:

    Chicken stories are fine with me. And, I like the larger pictures:-)

    We had a similar preditor attack encounter. Only our culprit was a pair of stray dogs and I lost 6 of flock. I have never wanted to kill something so badly in my life! Now, I only let them out when I am in the yard with them, which luckily will be more often as the weather warms.

    I am glad T. Boone is on the mend.


  • Layanee says:

    I like the new look. The larger pictures are nice without too much sensory overload. I guess if T. Boone cannot see you, you cannot see him. Safer that way. He is still traumatized isn’t he.

  • Just found you on Blotanical Network. I love your blog and the chickens are wonderful! I hope to try some on our property someday as well. We raise rabbits for showing – a hobby that came from a 4H project five years ago! LOVE IT!
    Happy Spring New garden Friend.

  • Susan says:

    Poor lovely chickens

    Thank goodness most are OK

  • Diana says:

    Robin – I like the new format — wish I could master the challenge of enlarging my post column. I’ve had one unsuccessful attempt, but I was close — I need another quiet, boring night to tackle it. Glad T. Boone is ok, if not that bright!

  • Victoria says:

    So glad T. Boone is on the mend. He is one gorgeous rooster.

  • Cindy says:

    Hi, you have some amazing photos and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Susan says:

    Poor chicken- what a traumatic experience for you and T.Boone.

    Also- who are those dumb people who let their dogs roam around. They are NOT wolves and dont need to ramble about at will. Good grief.

    Cheers to the thoughtful and SMART dog owners!

  • Kathleen says:

    What a horror! I’m sorry for your loss of Johhny Cash and VERY grateful that T. Boone is making a recovery.

    I once lost a favoite hen to a stray dog and my rooster became very mean afterward. It is hard to keep everyone safe all of the time.

  • rosemarie says:

    Ok, I am very slow and I always thought T. Boone Chickens was a funny name not realizing — until I just opened up my Sunday paper and saw his name sake the oil tycoon Mr. Pickens–who he was named after! HA!! I had a good chuckle!

  • Becca says:

    I love the picture. It is just too cute! As fort he site, I do not know what it looked like before but it is nice now. It is very reader friendly, the colors are bright and inviting and the font is perfect. It was nice that the chicken picture was so big.


  • It looks just great. Chickens are funny creatures aren’t they? When I was stressed, I would just go out and watch them hunt for bugs and other food. The way a rooster shows a tasty morsel to his hens is priceless.~~~dee

  • I find that a wider line length is more difficult to read because it means the eye has farther to travel when as it finishes one line and zooms to the beginning of the next. It’s not too bad here because you have good leading between the lines and a legible font (and black type against white…really important).

    However, for reading on my iPhone, the width is too wide for the font size…that is if I zoom in to make the font size big enough to read then I can’t see the entire paragraph. I have to scroll back and forth–which I won’t bother to do.

    I’m probably in the minority but I don’t think bigger photographs are necessarily better. They take longer to download. It’s not a big concern for me because I have a fast computer and high speed connection but not everyone does.

    I’ve always loved your design and the graphics and all so I’m glad you kept all that. I don’t think the changes in size are bad but I don’t think they were necessary either.