The tem­per­a­tures here are in the low 30s today. It’s snow­ing. It’s blow­ing. My fin­gers are so numb from work­ing out­side clean­ing the chicken water­ers, I can hardly feel them. But despite the cold, the snow and the wind, one coura­geous lit­tle chicken mus­tered up the courage to lay her first egg today.

Along with the daily col­lec­tion of six eggs from the red, black and leghorn chick­ens I found a small, bluish-green sur­prise. It could only have been from one of the two Easter egg chickens.

easter egg 2

Now the ques­tion is, which Easter egg chicken pro­duced this win­ter surprise?

Was it Meredith?



Or was it Dorothy?



The chick­ens aren’t talk­ing. They’re wily that way.


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