Every spring since I started gardening, I reach the point at least once when I feel so overwhelmed by what has to be done that I seriously think about sitting down for a nice, long boo-hoo.

There just isn’t enough time to clean it all up! I don’t have enough energy for all of this! Everything is asleep and it’s difficult to imagine a garden springing up from the ravages of winter.

Thankfully, Mother Nature usually kicks in about this time and starts presenting small gifts. The hellebores climb out of the rotting leaves and from under the snow with profusions of blooms.

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Kingston Cardinal’

The daffodils poke their heads up and begin to bloom.

The tulips aren’t far behind.

Garlic that I planted back in the fall is growing. And it’s safe to put out the lettuce starts.

And it all begins to look hopeful and (Dare I say it?) pretty after all.

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