April is quite a yel­low month, isn’t it? I mean, there’s the for­sythia, the witch hazel, the daf­fodils. If that weren’t enough we can now get our aza­leas in shades of orange-yellow. And don’t for­get that drop-dead beau­ti­ful mag­no­lia ‘Yel­low Bird.’ (I want.)

You know what? I don’t care. After see­ing brown, brown, brown all win­ter long, I like a nice, bright yellow.

Bring it on.  In fact, let’s do some masses of yellow.

Harry and I have been slowly adding to our daf­fodil col­lec­tion. We started near the house by the dri­ve­way. Last fall we planted a group­ing about a quar­ter mile up the driveway—a sunny lit­tle patch to greet visitors.

I even added a few cro­cuses and mus­cari in the mix to see how the deer would like them. They didn’t.

Next fall we’ll add even more yel­low. For another yel­low April.


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  • Barbee' says:

    I love the color yel­low; it is so cheer­ful. And, yes, that is just what I need after the long win­ter. Your plant­i­ngs are so pretty! What a lovely wel­come “mat”. I would be delighted if I turned into your driveway.

  • Layanee says:

    I get tired of yel­low but it shows up well at 50 mph and it is a happy color. So what is that weird apri­cot cen­tered daff in the last pic­ture. Looks quite erotic.

    • Robin Ripley says:

      I have no idea, Laya­nee. I tend to buy daf­fodil bulb mixes, so no names stick in my head. There are a cou­ple of other sharp look­ing and unusual daffs. I need to get out to get a photo of them before they die back, but it’s too cold and rainy right now. I’m a wimp.

  • Frances says:

    I love see­ing yel­low in the spring, such a bright and cheer­ful color, like the sun­shine. Your lit­tle helper is too cute! :-)

  • Gail says:

    It’s a very lovely yel­low, too, after months of brown! I would be ever so glad to send you a bit of Hedge if you need more yellow~ALthough, he’s all green now! Your pup­pies are so cute…How are the other girls? gail

  • Carol says:

    Yel­low is good in the spring! It’s cheer­ful and bright and… hey, wait… no chicken pic­tures? Where are the chickens?

  • Fawne says:

    Daf­fodils have always been a favorite of mine and your are beau­ti­ful. I see daffs now come in pink, but it just doesn’t look right to me, besides yel­low goes with any other color.

  • It seems no other color stands out as well under the gray April skies. You can’t go wrong with daf­fodils & you can never have too many.
    To sort of answer Layanee’s ques­tion, that one daf­fodil is a split corona type, prob­a­bly ‘Palmares’.

  • Harold says:

    And then you can pro­long it with white and yel­low tulips and species roses. Before shad­ing into the pinks and roses of June …

    Ah, yel­low. The color of emperors.

  • nellie says:

    I’m so glad to see spring that it doesn’t mat­ter that it means much work weed­ing and dig­ging and mow­ing. You have a nice vari­ety of daf­fodils.

  • I do love a good yel­low. Of course, for us the daf­fodils are March flow­ers, but I love see­ing yours again. Lovely pic of your pup.~~Dee

  • I can only wish April was a yel­low month in our part of the world, typ­i­cally we are still cov­ered in snow and anx­iously await­ing the arrival of May. Unfor­tu­nately this year nature has played a cruel trick on us , giv­ing us a cou­ple of warm weeks at the end of May to plant, only to have the tem­per­a­ture plum­met in June ( today it snowed just 120 km form our home).

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