For most folks, when friends come to visit for a cou­ple of days they’ll send a lit­tle note of thanks when they get home. When your friend is a gar­den blog­ger, they’ll blog about your garden.

My friend and Eng­lish gar­den tour travel part­ner, Laya­nee, did just that, post­ing about my gar­den here on her lovely blog Ledge and Gar­dens.

The Wood­land Gar­den and, we hope, future Moss Garden

It’s very inter­est­ing to see some­one else tell the story of your gar­den through their eyes with their cam­era. It was Layanee’s first visit here, although she has seen many pho­tos of my gar­den over the years on this blog. As we walked around the win­ter dev­as­ta­tion she said more than once, “I haven’t seen this view!”

I par­tic­u­larly appre­ci­ated Layanee’s view of what we are cur­rently call­ing the Wood­land Gar­den. Our hope is that over the years moss will cover this area to cre­ate a serene and green wood­land set­ting. On Layanee’s advice, we cleared the under­brush and hauled in and spread about 10 tons of stone dust. (Well, “we” didn’t do it. My 6’4, 180 lb 20-year-old son did it.) The stone dust will keep down the weeds and pro­vide a sur­face for the moss to grow.

It’s nice to have friends in the hor­ti­cul­ture busi­ness who can give you free advice!  By the way, you can get your own free advice from Laya­nee and her radio part­ner, Sam, by call­ing into their Sun­day morn­ing radio show, “Gar­den Guys.” You’ll have to find your own strong 20-year-old to do the heavy lifting.

Win­ter is not the best time to visit my gar­den, but Laya­nee kept reas­sur­ing me that she could see the “bones.” I do hope that she returns when things are grow­ing and green. Bet­ter yet, come visit around July or August when I could use an extra pair of hands weed­ing it all!

Laya­nee with my lit­tle dogs, Sarah and Sophie

Thank you, Laya­nee, for a won­der­ful visit and such a kind thank you note.


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  • Layanee says:

    Awww,I had such fun and I for­got to men­tion that you not only showed me your gar­den and cooked for me includ­ing the birth­day cake (I LOVE cake) but you picked me up at the air­port and gave me a thor­ough tour of the area includ­ing Susan’s gar­den and Mt. Ver­non. Oh, and Sweet Harry, Sophie, Sarah and kitty were quite the greet­ing com­mit­tee. Sam will love the Gar­den Guys plug as much as I. Shout out tomor­row a.m. Your gar­den is beau­ti­ful in all sea­sons. I know it is.

  • Carol says:

    Sounds like you both had a won­der­ful time. Thanks for shar­ing it with us.

  • Gail says:

    Robin, I love the Woodland/Moss/Serenity gar­den! It’s beau­ti­ful in its fall color. That’s a beau­ti­ful photo of Laya­nee and the girls! I feel so for­tu­nate to have met some of the best peo­ple and now good friends from blog­ging. Who would have thought that a trip to Austin could lead to so many adven­tures! xoxogail

  • Japolina says:

    So, so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  • Renee says:

    Beau­ti­ful as always, and your lit­tle dogs are so cute!!!

  • Dee says:

    I so enjoyed this post. It’s fun to see how other blog­gers see each other too. I love the idea of that mossy space Robin. I look for­ward to see­ing it some­day in person.~~Dee

  • michelle says:

    I love your gar­den. I enjoy any thing fall. Fall col­ors are my favorite. Your dogs are really cute. Can’t wait to see your gar­den this summer.

  • You want moss, you should visit our gar­den,.… my grass is full of it — I can give it to you very cheaply 😉
    Although I am hop­ing that hav­ing removed the old and very awful conifer hedge that encir­cled the gar­den for years, the moss will leave (helped by some vig­or­ous rak­ing that is).

  • Gabrielle says:

    What a great photo– i can just pic­ture myself there soak­ing it in! Espe­cially now! Cant wait for Spring!

  • Great blog you have here…
    The wood­land pic­ture is quite sim­ply breathtaking…i love it!!!

  • Love the wood­land view! We also enjoy a wooded prop­erty, and, while I did not appre­ci­ate it at first, I’ve come to REALLY enjoy the moss in our yard.

  • cristina says:

    Laya­nee is a very beau­ti­ful lady. Your dogs are soooo cute!

  • Jill says:

    Your dog looks really cute..Thanks for shar­ing great blog.

  • Dan says:

    Love your dogs and Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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