Summer Snowflakes (leucojum aestivum)


‘Kingston Cardinal’ hellebores


Yoshino Cherry and Sophie



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  • Oh my goodness. . My wife would DIE for a beautiful Yoshino Cherry like that …and for Sophie! lol!

  • Benita Bowen says:

    Thanks, Nate for recommending this gorgeous, fun site. I’m a fan and thank you, Robin.

  • door251 says:


    Love the blog, you def have a new follower.

    I was wondering if you knew what kind of plants are good for heavily shaded gardens? we have a tiny tiny city garden, but it is surrounded by big oak trees which i suspect are sucking the life out of everything, couple that with it not getting an ounce of sun and me being a complete novice, i’ve no idea what to plant in there, everything from last year died.

    thanks for your help!!

  • Lovely pictures. I am beginning a new vegetable garden and would like to invite you to follow my blog, Gardening Upstream.

  • Kate Rose says:

    You have an amazing garden pictures. I love Sophie’s shot in the last photo and the cherry tree, so lovely! I am growing roses in my garden and I bet roses are great addition to your garden too. 🙂