We have been on a plant­ing orgy around here. Not only is this the time of year when most of the veg­etable seeds and seedlings go into the potager, we have also embarked on a major cam­paign to add more shrubs—particularly flow­er­ing shrubs—to the property.

Sophie and Sarah inspect the veg­etable plant­i­ngs in the potager.

Thank good­ness Harry is a good sport and has a strong back and good endurance. The hard­pan clay soil we have here in South­ern Mary­land makes dig­ging new beds and plant­ing trees and shrubs a major week­end endeavor.

The wis­te­ria on the fence is get­ting there. The peonies won’t be far behind.

And I’m so tired, that’s it. The end.

(If you click on the pho­tos you can embiggen them and see more details.)


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  • Frances says:

    It looks beau­ti­ful already, Robin. I love the wisteria/peony combo. Your lit­tle dogs are so sweet and cute.

  • Wow! I dream about an end result like your gar­den. Some­how the results of my labours never seem to look as good!

  • Oh i could so eas­ily sit and drink a cup of tea on that bench. It is all look­ing lovely.

  • Too bad you’re too busy to sit in your gar­den, the girls seem to be enjoy­ing its ambi­ence. You’ve got me han­ker­ing after a picket fence on which to grow Wisteria.

  • So pretty. Love your lit­tle girls too.~~Dee

  • Diana/Sharingnaturesgarden says:

    How lovely it all looks, Robin. Desn’t it feel good to add big “bones” to the gar­den? I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be cook­ing from the potager.

  • commonweeder says:

    We are mov­ing into high gear here, too. We are get­ting a new fence around our ‘potager’ but it is strictly util­i­tar­i­ans — to keep out the deer. There can never be too many flow­er­ing shrubs.

  • I have a ques­tion — Do you treat your wooden bench and your raised bed edges with any preservatives?

    They look in remark­ably good con­di­tion but appear to have not been treated

    • Robin Ripley says:


      The wooden bench is made from untreated cedar. I don’t do any­thing to the bench to care for it. Per­haps I should? I do keep the wooden legs from touch­ing the ground though. The bench is sit­ting on stone pavers.

      The raised beds also are made from 4″ x 4″ untreated cedar posts. They were dif­fi­cult to find–and expen­sive. But they have held up well for more than 6 years now.

      Thanks for visiting.


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