Bzzzz September 23rd, 2011

Chickens are very difficult models. I must have about 4,000 chicken photos. In 3,990 of them the chicken is facing the wrong way, running the wrong way or taking a poop.

To photograph a chicken takes patience and Olympic-class squatting ability. You must get down…wayyyyy down…into a squat position and stay there for about four hours while training your camera on the chicken and waiting for him or her to gaze in your direction. If you try and rush said gaze by, say, whistling, you will alarm the chicken into facing the wrong way, running the wrong way or taking a poop.

So the following represents about three weeks of squatting and waiting patiently. Enjoy. I have to go rub some Bengay on my quads now.

(You should be able to click on the photo to embiggen and see their purdy feathers.)

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Bzzzz November 10th, 2010

If you were expecting a savory fall poultry recipe from reading this post title, you’ll be disappointed! You can’t eat these chickens because they’re pets. And you can’t eat this sage, because it’s ornamental. (Okay, the flowers of the stunning salvia elegans—pineapple sageare edible.)

As I was giving the chickens fresh water this morning they were kicking up such a fuss about the fact that they didn’t get their afternoon walkabout yesterday that I opened the gate so they could have extra time wandering the yard and gardens. Fall is one of their favorite times of year, I think, because there is such adventure searching for bugs under every fallen leaf. I am also less prone to shoo them away from areas of the garden that I don’t want them scratching in since the garden is largely devastated by fall already. What harm is a little bit of chicken foraging going to do?

The chickens did seem to tire of their bug hunting adventures early though because I caught them congregating near one of the bird baths for a mid-day snooze. As you can see though, T. Boone Chickens is still guarding his girls.

He’ll have some help with the guard duty soon though. As it turns out, my instincts on the gender of Edith’s baby were correct. Baby is a rooster and is now learning to crow. He is now called Ricky since he is clearly not a Lucy.

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