Bzzzz February 7th, 2012

Harry (entering the house): What is that horrible smell?

Me: Smell? You mean dinner?

Harry: No, worse than that. It smells like Sarah was sprayed by a skunk again. Did she?

Me: No skunk. Now that you mention it though, there is a rank odor in here.

Harry (following his nose): UGH. It’s these things!

Me: By “these things” do you mean the hyacinths?

Harry: Is “hyacinth” the word for stinky flower?

Me: Aren’t they pretty? I forced them in these cute little hyacinth vases.

Harry: You forced them to do what? Smell bad?

Me: No, silly. Those are the bulbs you kept asking me why I was keeping them in the refrigerator. But now that you mention it, I have had a dull headache since they started blooming. But aren’t they pretty?

Harry: Okay, but they stink. Can you put them somewhere we can see them but can’t smell them?

Me: Good idea.



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Bzzzz September 23rd, 2011

Chickens are very difficult models. I must have about 4,000 chicken photos. In 3,990 of them the chicken is facing the wrong way, running the wrong way or taking a poop.

To photograph a chicken takes patience and Olympic-class squatting ability. You must get down…wayyyyy down…into a squat position and stay there for about four hours while training your camera on the chicken and waiting for him or her to gaze in your direction. If you try and rush said gaze by, say, whistling, you will alarm the chicken into facing the wrong way, running the wrong way or taking a poop.

So the following represents about three weeks of squatting and waiting patiently. Enjoy. I have to go rub some Bengay on my quads now.

(You should be able to click on the photo to embiggen and see their purdy feathers.)

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