Bzzzz February 7th, 2012

Harry (entering the house): What is that horrible smell?

Me: Smell? You mean dinner?

Harry: No, worse than that. It smells like Sarah was sprayed by a skunk again. Did she?

Me: No skunk. Now that you mention it though, there is a rank odor in here.

Harry (following his nose): UGH. It’s these things!

Me: By “these things” do you mean the hyacinths?

Harry: Is “hyacinth” the word for stinky flower?

Me: Aren’t they pretty? I forced them in these cute little hyacinth vases.

Harry: You forced them to do what? Smell bad?

Me: No, silly. Those are the bulbs you kept asking me why I was keeping them in the refrigerator. But now that you mention it, I have had a dull headache since they started blooming. But aren’t they pretty?

Harry: Okay, but they stink. Can you put them somewhere we can see them but can’t smell them?

Me: Good idea.



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